Roll’in Skin Deep in AquaCacteen

FEATURED | Feb 02, 2023

Roll’in Skin Deep in AquaCacteen

We've all heard of the common list of ingredients known for hydration like hyaluronic acid and vitamin E, yet there are several newfound derivatives from nature that are potent and work miraculously for hydrating the skin. You may not recognise it, but cactus is one such star ingredient, and from it is derived the raging response to skin health - AquaCacteen

AquaCacteen is a trademarked ingredient made from a blend of natural cacti plant extracts and polymers that help to form a protective film on the skin, reducing water loss and improving hydration. Its high concentration of water-binding chemicals is what gives it its profound hydrating qualities. Clinical research confirmed that AquaCacteen was remarkably gentle yet rapidly moisturizing and nourishing when introduced to bare skin.

If that doesn't blow your mind already, take a closer look at some of the key benefits of this skin savior.

Enhances skin textures -
AquaCacteen can aid in enhancing skin textures by increasing skin moisture. It can help minimize visible wrinkles and fine lines, making the skin appear younger. Not just that, this ingredient does indeed have a soothing effect on the skin, which can help to lessen irritation and inflammation. It also relieves inflamed skin making it the ideal treatment for persons with sensitive or easily irritable skin.

Improves skin barrier function-
The protective film formed by AquaCacteen supports the preservation of the skin against environmental stressors and toxins which also enables the improved performance of skin barrier function.

Reduces trans-epidermal water loss -
AquaCacteen assists in minimizing trans-epidermal water loss, or water loss through the skin. It retains moisture, locks in hydration within the skin and keeps it from becoming flaky and dehydrated.

Boosts the efficacy of other ingredients:
AquaCacteen can help other ingredients to penetrate deeper into the skin, work more effectively and boost the efficacy of other active ingredients in skincare products by enhancing skin’s hydration levels and improving active barrier function.

In conclusion, AquaCacteen is the skincare ecosystem's undiscovered jewel and demands its own limelight. This hydrating hero is a proven way to achieve numerous benefits such as hydration, nourishment, skin health, barrier strengthening, and luminosity that glows almost from within.

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