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The Crux of Kor

Kor was born out of a passion to deliver premium skincare that provides ultimate hydration. We aim to facilitate skincare through uncommon and unique finds in aboriginal ingredients from regions across the globe. 
We choose to create an experiential skin-healing community and reinvigorate skincare ideologies with contemporary solutions.


The Kor of our craft 

Kor reflects a world of extraordinary finds in skincare ingredients, sourced from different regions across the globe, that seep into the CORE of your skin, whilst injecting a targeted dose of skin-aiding (Skincare) components. We believe in creating formulas that heal the skin with the goodness collected straight from the rarest of ecosystems. We wish to provide skin treats that add extra hydration and health benefits deep into the barrier and right up to the surface of the skin. Our heavily researched, scientifically-backed formulations are clean, cruelty-free, paraben-free, silicone-free, soy-free and gluten-free.

Why is Kor your cure ?

Kor creates premium skincare with the rarest of natural ingredients that provide clinical results to unlock the gateway to great skin. We craft skin-compatible potions that nourish, hydrate, nurture, and add a healthy glow back to your skin all while revitalizing and restoring its health from deep within. Our unique formulations are created with renowned potent ingredients such as AquaCacteen, Ceramides, Bakuchiol, Probiotics and more sourced from ecosystems across the globe in their purest states to get a 100% of their potential benefits along with healing hydration.

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Our Philosophy

Kor represents itself by bringing the most exciting and indigenous ingredients from around the world which are laced in formulations to provide optimum benefit and effectively address each skin concern. Our concoctions are made with unique ingredients such as AquaCacteen, balanced with skin boosters such as Ceramides and Probiotics crafted with organic essentials such as Bakuchiol and Flower oils blended along with natural acids such as AHAs, BHAs and PHAs. Our potent blends and skin healing formulas are tailored to each skin type and concern, which characterizes Kor's craft.

Founders Note

The Kor tribe is a warm and welcoming skin-loving community that facilitates self-care. We encourage individuals to join the journey of skin love. We aim to build a community that consists of people looking for wholesome skin hydration, ample nourishment, and rejuvenation. And to those who desire to add a healthy glow to the CORE of their skin and hydrate from within, we welcome you to the Kor home.